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Behind the Buy is an informative podcast that shares stories told by members of the Federal acquisition workforce who have successfully executed best practice IT contracting strategies.


Behind the Buy 1

Inaugural episode of this podcast series, with Mark Naggar, the PM for the Buyers Club at the Department of Health and Human Services. He explains how he leveraged TechFAR and play 4 from the Playbook.


Behind the Buy 2

Interview with Jonathan Mostowski of the USDS Acquisitions team. During the episode, he explains how budgetary flexibility... are achieved during agile IT procurement and how he leveraged Play 5 from the Playbook to create the TechFAR Handbook.


Behind the Buy 3

Interview with USDS' Traci Walker who explains how to make IT procurement simple and intuitive by using the TechFAR and Digital Services Playbook to drive strategies and implementation approaches.


Behind the Buy 4

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CO, Tara Jamison, talks about using rapid development & deployment to buy counter-roadside bomb technology & help save American lives.


Behind the Buy 5

Interview of Chris Cairns, former Managing Director of the 18F at GSA. He describes the key strengths of an agile project manager, including a strong vision for the project’s end product and some technical expertise.


Behind the Buy 6

Dave Zvenyach, Director of Acquisition Management for GSAs 18F. He discusses the agile approach to software procurement/dev and highlights Play 5 of the Playbook, which focuses on how to structure processes and budgets to ensure successful delivery.


Behind the Buy 7

Interview with Beth Hochberg, former chief intellectual property lawyer for GSA. She discusses leveraging play 7 of the Playbook in context of how continuous interaction between legal, COs and PMs can prevent legal problems with a contract.


U.S. Web Design Standards

Listen to Mollie Ruskin and Julia Elman explain how the US Web Design Standards make government websites more consistent and easier to build.