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Field Guides

Provides information to help the government acquisition community with general knowledge, tips, or common practice methods that will help implement commercial digital service strategies. These are living documents, not policy or procedure. We encourage crowdsourcing and contribution to these guides as the body of knowledge around this topic increases or becomes more refined. Each guide has a contribution link to our github repository that facilitates this process.


Tech Challenge Playbook

A reusable roadmap for planning and executing technical challenge evaluations.


Create an Inspiring Product Vision

Provides information on the importance of developing a product vision to determine the definition of done and ensure focus in project deliverables.


Quick and Dirty Guide to Agile Project Management

This summary provides information on the key tenants of agile project management and explains how it can be used to manage digital services projects.


How to Use an 8(a) Company for Your Digital Service Needs

Perfect for agency’s looking to use/test digital services in an agile environment before scaling. It provides information on how to take advantage of a special SBA waiver that does not lock an agency into the 8a program.


Doing Business with the Federal Government

Provides information on how innovative digital services companies can begin the process of selling to the federal government. Includes intel on how to navigate the various administrative requirements.