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Digital IT Acquisition Professional Training (DITAP)

The USDS and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) have partnered to develop a digital IT acquisition professional community (DITAP). The first component of this community is a training and certification program for contracting officers, which is currently in its second round of piloting this effort. The goal of this effort is that this development program will be offered in multiple agencies, by various training providers, or by the Federal Acquisition Institute. There is currently no open course at this time, but check back to see more information about upcoming offerings of this program.

At this time we are not accepting nominations for the new cohort. We are working with training institutions and companies to have new DITAP Development Program courses soon. Please email if you are interested in getting notified as soon as courses are made available.

Memo: Establishment of Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Core-Plus Specialization in Digital Services (FAC-C-DS)

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FAC-C-DS Core Plus Training Providers

For those interested in earning a certification, the following providers have received either a fully APPROVED or CONTINGENT APPROVAL* from the US Digital Service. These providers are eligible to receive contracts from agencies for agency-specific DITAP training or to launch their own courses.

Additional courses will be offered during the FY19 calendar year so if you cannot attend or do not get accepted into an initial course, please refer back to this site or the companys’ sites for future updates.

Information about course offerings or contract information can be found on their websites.





Skylight Digital:

*Contingent approval is provided based on meeting specific criteria to demonstrate that the course will receive full approval upon completion of the required elements. USDS is monitoring and working with these providers during the Contigent Approval stage.


Current Federal procurement practices largely do not provide the flexibility required to buy and deliver modern digital services. Meanwhile, the pace of technological change continues to accelerate while citizen demand for Federal digital services increases. To meet this demand, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) and the U.S. Digital Service (USDS) needed an immersive development & training program to enhance digital services acquisition expertise across government agencies. This program is referred to as the Digital IT Acquisition Professional Program, or DITAP.

Ultimately, the goal will be for DITAP programs to be represented by Contracting Officers, Contracting Officer Representatives, and Program/Project managers as these key roles represent the acquisition ecosystem most in need of specialized training. However, as USDS and OFPP believe in testing a concept and then scaling the success, they focused on training for Contract Specialists/Officers initially, as having informed buyers is the lynchpin to acquisition success.

The Challenge

A Challenge was launched on which you can access here called for open submissions and a prize to be paid out for a winner to design and pilot a new type of training & development program. The challenge was unique in that it was done in three stages and provided seed funding for design and piloting of the winning submissions. This was a highly successful activity as it provided the winning team to jointly build the program with digital service experts to come up with a superior training experience.

Graduates of the program will receive the FAC-C Core-Plus Digital Service Certification, which will be added to their records in FAITAS.

Now OFPP and USDS are working with federal training institutions and training companies to scale this program to the rest of the government.

Congratulating our winners, by Traci Walker

Program Objectives

Participants will:

Competencies and Performance Outcomes

Competency Performance Outcome
Digital Services in the 21st Century Government Describe digital services in the 21st century, including what they are, who provides them, how they are delivered, and why they are important
Understand What You Are Buying Determine the problem to be solved while effectively supporting and communicating with the customer and industry
How do you buy Effectively use techniques for acquiring digital service solutions in your solicitation or acquisition strategy
Awarding & Administering Digital Service Contracts Conduct and award digital service contracts, using and applying metrics and incentives appropriately, and applying proper course correction when necessary
Leading Change as a Digital IT Acquisition Professional Apply techniques to create a culture of innovation within your sphere that enables you and others to effectively lead and influence customers to the best solutions
Application of Skills Apply techniques learned in the course through various activities

For Training Institutions

If you are interested in building and facilitating your own version of the DITAP training program, the program competencies are listed above. Detailed information as to how exactly what is required to become an approved vendor available in the Required Course Elements document available here:

FAC-C DS Required Course Elements

FAC-C DS Informational Presentation 7/18/18

To access the content, facilitation resources, training guides, and all other course material access where you can register and get a read only account to the information.

Product Owner Training Pilot Information

Currently the United States Digital Service is planning a training pilot for Product Owner Training. On 06/17/19, an informational roundtable was held to discuss the problem, hypothesis, and initial pilot plan.

The presentation from that meeting is available here: RoundTable Deck

DITAP Alumni List

Get contact information and see bios for all the DITAP alumni!

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