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Digital IT Acquisition Professional Training (DITAP) Alumni

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Marcy Almeida

Marcela ‘Marcy’ Almeida – Department of Education

Marcela Almeida is the Director of the Accountability and Analysis Group in Enterprise Procurement Initiatives (EPI) within the CFO’s organization. She oversees category management efforts, strategic sourcing, and the Acquisition 360 Hub, and conducts annual Contract Management Reviews. Previously, she was as a senior procurement analyst for the United States Coast Guard and the Small Business Administration, a contracting officer at the Department of Homeland Security, and as a small business specialist and compliance specialist with the Department of Labor. She graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Kristin Blackmore - Office of Personnel Management

(202) 744-3796

Kristin has worked in federal government contracting for 13 years and has held positions with GSA, DHS, and OPM. She’s currently a Contracting Officer and the Acting Division Director of a team that directly supports all IT requirements for the agency and our CIO. Kristin graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Todd Blose

Todd Blose - Department of Labor

(202) 693-7970

Todd is a Lead Contract Specialist supporting DOL’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) within the Office of Procurement Services (OPS). His area of focus/support, with OCIO, encompasses practically all manner of IT requirements: i.e. from hardware/software, maintenance, professional support services, legacy and developmental systems support acquisition, consolidation efforts (i.e. Data Centers, infrastructure, software licenses, etc.), assessments, etc. Prior to that he was at the U.S. Coast Guard as a civilian Contract Specialist and was a Far East Cryptologic Linguist for the U.S. Air Force. Todd graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Chanda Brooks

Chanda R. Brooks - Department of Defense

(703) 545-1286

Chanda is a Supervisory Contracting Officer and Branch Chief within the Washington Headquarters Services, Acquisition Directorate. WHS/AD is a Single Enterprise Contracting Office that provides Contracting support to the Fourth Estate Agencies of the Department of Defense. Chanda served as the Contracting Officer for the first ever open Bug Bounty (for securing networks and systems) contracts in the Federal Government. She has also worked in federal contracting at the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Chanda graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Joshua Cohen - Department of Veterans Affairs

(732) 440-9696

Josh is a Lead Contract Specialist for the Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation (T4NG) suite of contracts. He works on a variety of complex projects ranging from cloud deployments, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) procurements, agile software development, and a variety of operations and maintenance efforts. Previous he worked at U.S. Army’s Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) where he procured major weapons systems, services and supplies in support of the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Community. Josh graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Aimee Drewry – Department of Transportation FHWA

(202) 366-4211

Aimee is a Contracting Officer currently serving as the Director of Acquisition Policy and Oversight within the Office of Acquisition and Grants Management. She has experience awarding contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements in support of various FHWA program offices. Aimee graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Steven Fletcher

Steve Fletcher - NASA

(281) 483-5401

Steve is a Team Lead in the Office of Procurement at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. He has provided procurement support to several organizations there including the Orion Program Office, JSC Center Operations, the JSC CIO’s office, and the JSC Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate. Prior to joining NASA, Steve was as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army. Steve graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Kirsten Green - USDS

(202) 881-6536

Kirsten is an acquisition strategist at USDS. She is a graduate of the Digital IT Acquisition Professional Training (DITAP) pilot, and works with the DITAP vendors and students. She also works on projects outside of the USDS to help agencies procure digital services.

Polly Hall

Polly Hall - DHS

(202) 447-5549

Polly is the Strategy & Planning Lead for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL), a virtual lab that empowers all those involved in the procurement process to take managed, informed risks to continually improve the DHS procurement process. Previously, she was a Contract Specialist at U.S. CBP, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, and TSA. Polly graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.

Michael Iszard - DoC NOAA

(301) 628-1381

Michael is a Contracting Officer at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) procuring differing commodities, from construction to information technology. Previously, he supported the NOAALink Program. Michael graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson – DOT FHWA

(202) 366-0904

Jennifer is the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Small Business Specialist (SBS) and Acquisition Policy Team Lead in the FHWA Office of Acquisition & Grants Management. She is responsible for acting as the official representative for the FHWA small business program, and oversees a wide range of acquisition-related policy and procedural areas. Previously, she served in a variety of positions in FHWA’s contracting operations divisions as a Contracting Officer and Team Leader. Jennifer graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.

Mark Junda

Mark Junda - VA

(732) 795-1019

Mark serves as a Contracting Officer where he is primarily focused on procurement of IT products and services, having awarded and administered contracts supporting strategic enterprise commodity purchasing, as well as complex IT and Digital Services. He supports the modernization of VA’s Electronic Health Record, development of VA’s Electronic Health Management Platform, cloud solutions,, and open source software development. Prior to arriving at VA, he worked at the Army supporting research and development efforts, both on the contracting and program side. Mark graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.

Dan Levenson

Dan Levenson – HHS CMS

(410) 786-0492

Dan is the Digital Service Contracting Officer/Adviser and champions agile transformation throughout the Agency. He played a role in the development and awarding of CMS’s ADELE (Agile Delivery to Execute Legislative Endeavors) BPA, and is passionate about reducing procurement timelines, and values receiving working software prototypes from vendors as a critical portion of the evaluation criteria. Dan graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.

Terry Lord

Terry Lord, Jr. - Department of State

(703) 875-4985

Terry is a Contracting Officer at Department and has been more recently getting into the digital services specialization. He’s purchased everything from tables to airplanes (with plenty of IT sprinkled in), but working on projects that so directly benefit the American public and our national interests really makes him glad he joined the government. Terry graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Brittany Malace - PBGC

(202) 326-4000 ext. 6386

Brittany is a Contracting Officer at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). Before that, she provided a wide variety of acquisition support to the government. Brittany graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Brent Maravilla

Brent Maravilla - USDS

Brent is an Acquisition Strategist at the U.S. Digital Service, where he facilitates bringing modern technology into the federal government through contracts. He focuses on the DITAP Training Program, advising agencies on acquisition strategies, procurement initiatives such as the 8(a) Program Digital Service Initiative, and writing best practices. He has been in procurement his entire federal career, including U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Army, the Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Digital Service. Brent graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.

Jessica Miller

Jessica N. Miller - USDS

Jessica is currently on detail with the United States Digital Service and has been a Contracting Officer, specializing in IT contracts, at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Millennium Challenge Corporation, and General Services Administration. Jessica graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.

Esther Kim Praske - GSA

Esther is currently a Procurement Analyst at GSA Technology Transformation Service, responsible for standing up Acquisition Management function (in policy, acquisition workforce and procurement management review) for TTS. Prior to that, she was the first warranted Contracting Officer for TTS, and was a Contracting Officer for the EPA. Esther graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.

Durba Ray - DHS

(703) 235-5489 (O) (571) 264-4493 (M)

Durba has been employed by the Department of Homeland Security, Headquarters as the Contracting Officer. She has been serving the federal Government for the last 10 years in acquisition. Durba graduated from the DITAP program in January 2017.

Ty Senour - VA

(512) 981-4423

Ty is a Contracting Officer at Technology Acquisition Center-Austin with the VA, where he provides enterprise-wide acquisition support for a wide array of IT requirements. Ty has previous contracting experience at DoD and VA. He graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.

Tiffany Youther - USDA

(202) 205-4036

Tiffany is a procurement analyst supporting acquisition policy and oversight for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She has held a variety of positions in policy, training, oversight, and contracting operations throughout her career in federal procurement. Tiffany graduated from the DITAP program in March 2016.