TechFAR Hub

Product Vision (est. 06/21/17)

TechFAR Hub is a connection space where members of the federal acquisition ecosystem can find and define best practices, tools, & tactics for efficiently buying and implementing digital service contracts.

Personas (Target Audience)

Version 1.

  1. Carolyn the CO - Experienced IT CO from DOD, new to digital service
  2. Phillip the Program Manager - Mid career program manager at DHS who wants to integrate new practices, looking for best way to do DS
  3. Donna the DITAP grad - A mid-level CO at VA that completed the DITAP program and is starting to apply practices to agency
  4. Cody the COR - A junior COR at IRS that is trying to learn agile and DS quickly to serve as COR on new project
  5. Selena the CIO - Senior level leader EPA at with long experience in IT implementation, trying to champion DS and needs material for her ppl

Developer Setup

Requires a modern version of Ruby, Bundler, and libxml2 (for Nokogiri).

  1. git clone
  2. gem install bundler (after cd techfar-hub-v2)
  3. Start the server bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental --host
  4. View the site at

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