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About the Hub

Bringing industry best practices to federal digital service acquisition.

The USDS #Procuremenati are working with our Federal partners to tackle the toughest challenges in digital service acquisition.

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Agile Solicitation Builder

Beta version. This guided tool gives Contracing Officers the custom language needed to create a digital service Request for Quotes (RFQ).

TechFAR Handbook

Highlights the flexibilities in the FAR to help agencies implement “plays” from the Digital Services Playbook and get contractor support for iterative, customer-driven software development.

8(a) Digital Service Initiative

The U.S. Digital Service and the Small Business Administration have partnered to help agencies buy digital services using this low-risk gateway.

Field Guides

A series of guides that showcase digital service acquisition strategies for the government community including general knowledge, tips, and best practices.

New case study

How the U.S. Department of the Treasury Pay.Gov Team Went Agile

The US Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, is responsible for the system. This system allows customers to make electronic payments to government. But after a series of product issues, the team decided to try a new approach to building and maintaining all of the products that together, created the customer experience for This involved using a contract that supported Agile Project Management. The following is what happened once that contract was in place.

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